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Web Menu

Embed your menu directly on your website. Customers can find and visit your menu via the GreenSling app or Provide customers with tablets in store to view item details and order from your menu.

Online Ordering

Offer pickup and delivery options on your web menu. Receive instant notifications and printouts when orders come through. Schedule promotions and set up coupon codes.

State and Third Party Integration

Minimal menu maintenance for your business with the ability to import menu items and inventory. State compliant with Metrc to reduce double entry. Integrates with GreenBits, Quickbooks and other third parties.

Improve the customer experience to
increase sales

Online Ordering Made Easy

A menu designed with the customer experience in mind. Easy to navigate and to learn more information about your business or menu items. Accessible via your business website,, or our Android app.

Notifications and Promotions

Schedule notifications to be sent to your customers. Order details and status always automatically sent to customers. Setup one time and reoccurring promotions and coupon codes for discounts on menu items or entire orders.

In Store Menus

Display customizable menus on TV's or tablets in your store. Provide your customers with tablets to view product details or to order from your menu.


Inventory and Purchasing

Menu items auotmatically removed from web and in-store menus when inventory is out. Always know how much inventory you have available and where it is located. Purchase directly from other participating GreenSling brands.


Give employees access to only the functions they need. Send notifications to specific employees when an order from their customer comes through. Tools for delivery drivers so they can easily navigate destinations and make on-the-fly changes to orders.


Your dashboard will provide you a quick glimpse of the recent sales activity. Also provided is more detailed reporting

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